Machinery failures are extremely costly, whether it be a gearbox, bearing or any other part. The Omega range of speciality oils and greases spend years in research & development, and are precisely formulated using patented Megalite technologies. This ensures that they protect expensive components to a truly unprecedented degree. Engineers throughout industry who care for their machinery know that you will not find a more efficient, better performing range of lubricants anywhere.

At Lubrite Distributors (through ITW Korea PP&F Ltd.) we continue to innovate and push boundaries both in the lab and field so that after more than 70 years Omega lubricants continue to save our engineers thousands of Rands in maintenance, energy costs and down time, as well as solving a host of new problems.

This is combined with a simple inventory that is not cluttered with hundreds of confusing products. If you click through this website you will find our product range split into categories so that you can isolate which performance lubricant you know is likely to be suitable for your application.

If you are still unsure, you can contact one of our technical experts via telephone on 010 220 5309 or e-mail and they will be happy to provide you with the correct product for your purpose.

Premium Range Products

Medium Range Products

Medium Range Products

ZetaLube is established to provide cost-effective and efficient lubricating solutions to maintenance professionals. This division is supported by experienced MRO professionals and engineers who have been marketing MRO products to customers globally since 1965. ZetaLube is truly a young but dynamic lubricant provider with solid foundation evolved from decades of experience in promoting quality lubricating products. Unlike the ‘niche’ market positioning of Omega division, Zetalube products are positioned as mid-range lubricating products for end-users demanding relatively higher volume of quality products for industrial and automotive applications.

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