Automotive Oil

Omega 631 – Superior Quality Engine Oil

A superior quality engine oil that provides unparalleled performance and protection. For those who require the best.

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Omega 690 – Super EP Gear Oil

The ultimate high performance gearbox oil – recommended for use in Tractive after market rally car gearboxes.

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Omega 699 – Super Auto Transmission Fluid

An automatic transmission fluid that offers excellent resistance to foam, corrosion, wear, heat and oxidation up to 50,000 miles.

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Omega 757 – Long Drain All Fleet Engine Oil

Long drain high quality engine oil – engineered to significantly reduce costs for fleets of vehicles. Extends drain intervals by up to 20,000 miles & reduces fuel consumption.

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Omega 778 – “Type II” Synthetic Engine Oil

A second generation all synthetic lubricant. Extends drain intervals by up to 15,500 miles.

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