Food Grade Oil

Omega 580 – Superior Food Machinery Oil

A multi-purpose food grade machine oil that is of excessive purity. Used in all food machinery for the best protection available

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Omega 585 – Synthetic Food Grade Chain & Gear Oil

Advanced purity food grade oil used for exceptional gearbox and chain protection: extends the life, performance and efficiency of gearboxes/chains significantly

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Omega 638 – The Ultimate Food Grade 4-in-1 Penetrating Oil

Acts as a light lubricant, rust preventive, penetrating fluid and water repellent. Used throughout the factory.

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Omega 609 – Food Grade Air Line Lubricant

Superior food grade airline lubricant. Coats throughout, regardless of the environment and prevents oxidation (the leading cause of part failure) throughout airlines.

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Omega 615 – Food Grade Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

Advanced synthetic air compressor oil. Extends the life of compressors by ten times.

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