Omega 65 – Long Life Chain & Cable Grease

An ultra long life chain and cable grease. It effectively penetrates and replenishes the core lubricant in chains, cables and wire rope. It protects against salt water corrosion, mud, dust, dirt and absolutely does not fling off. Prolongs service life by up to 15 times.
Pack Sizes: 5kg/15kg
Viscosity: NLGI 00
Colour: Black
Temp: -29° – 149°C

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Deeply Penetrates & Prolongs Life

Protect Your Wire-rope To The Core

Omega 65 penetrates deep to the core of your wirerope and cable and so offers complete protection.

Extend Lubrication Intervals By 15x

Like all Omega products, Omega 65 operates at a different level on key performance measurements. Expect to reduce lubrication intervals by around 15x

Use A Grease That Never Flings Off

Omega 65 is extremely tenacious and sticks like glue. Once it is on your components it is not coming off!

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