The Omega Racing Project

Omega Racing Project by Omega Oil

Chaiyos Tripuwaphrut from ECU Shop gives an introduction to the project:

“Hello, my name is Chaiyos Tripuwophrut from ECU Shop. For ECU Shop Souped Up Thailand 2016, we have sent four race cars to join this event which are Toyota Supra for SuperMax Benzine, Isuzu Spaced Frame body for Supermaxim Benzine and we have sent another 2 Honda Civic EG.

One is the stock chassis and another one is spaced frame body for Pro 4 N/A.”

What are the reasons why you chose Omega Lubricants?

“Last year, we had a problem with a lubricant… The lubricant that we used has no problem with low temperature, but when the engine worked on high temperature the oil pressure significantly dropped from 3 bar to 1 bar. We were worried about the engine that it might have some technical problems during the race. We’re also using aluminium connecting rod, so the temperature and viscosity are important. And that is the reason why we chose Omega Lubricants. The problem with oil pressure dropping and viscosity were solved after we used Omega Lubricants. Our data log used to record oil pressure and performance has no longer detected any problem since then.”

“Please stay tuned for Omega Racing Project in Souped Up Thailand 2017. We guarantee lots of new and exciting things coming your way.”

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