Omega 38 – Crystal Clear Food Grade Grease

The most advanced clear synthetic grease available. Completely non-toxic, doesn’t stain and is completely odourless – Omega protection with a delicate finish.
Pack Sizes: 5kg Viscosity: NLGI 2
Colour: Clear Temp: -40°C – 200°C NSF: H1

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

High Purity, High Specifications, Best Quality

Get Protection Up To 200°C

Omega 38 has a dropping point in excess of 300°C, and an operating temperature of 180-200°C. Use this high temperature tolerance to protect your machinery, even in the harshest of conditions.

Extend Lubrication Intervals By 20x+

Like all Omega greases, Omega 38’s advanced formulation challenges expectations of performance on measures such as extreme pressure, anti wear and high load carrying capacity. Expect to extend lubrication intervals by around 20x using Omega 38.

Get Water Resistance

Omega 38 is crystal clear in appearance and formulated from highly pure materials, so it ideal for sensitive applications and potential areas of food contact. Use in delicate situations & ensure food safety peace of mind.

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