Omega 99FG – Food Grade Anti-Seize Compound

White, smooth, and non-toxic food grade anti-seize & assembly paste.
Pack Sizes: 500g/5kg Viscosity: N/A
Colour: White Temp: -30°C – 450°C NSF: H1

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Eliminate Seizures, Ensure Food Safety

Get Protection Up To 450°C

Omega 99FG offers complete protection to threaded components at operating temperatures of -30°C – 450°C. Conventional FG anti seizes don’t come close to offering such resistance. This makes Omega 99 suitable for 99% of operating conditions on any type of machinery or equipment.

Extend Lubrication Intervals By 20x+

Like all Omega greases, Omega 99FG’s advanced formulation challenges expectations of performance in a lubricant. Expect to extend lubrication intervals by around 20x using Omega 99FG.

Eliminates Seizures & Corrosion

Omega 99FG eliminates seizing, galling, friction, corrosion and wear on bolts, nuts, stainless steel fasteners, threaded parts and other metal-to-metal surfaces.

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