Omega 71 – Universal Non-Melt Grease

Universal non-melt grease. Very popular in the brickwork industry.
Pack Sizes: 400g/5kg/15kg/55kg
Viscosity: NLGI 2
Colour: Gold
Temp: -20°C – 260°C

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Protection To 260°C

Get Protected Up To 260°C+

Omega 71 is comfortable operating at elevated temperatures of up to 260°C. This widely used grease is a great and flexible option for most high temperature applications. .

Extend Lubrication Intervals By 20x+

Like all Omega greases, Omega 71’s advanced formulation challenges expectations of performance on measures such as extreme pressure, anti wear and high load carrying capacity. Expect to extend lubrication intervals by around 20x using Omega 71.

Use A Grease That Never Melts

Omega 71 doesn’t melt under any conditions. So you can make melting grease a thing of the past.

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