Omega 790 – Special Non-Stain Textile Oil

Fully emulsifiable non-staining textile oil – provides extreme protection of all parts at elevated speeds of up to 20,000 RPM. Decreases energy consumption by up to 18.5%.
Pack Sizes: 5ltr/20ltr
Viscosity: SAE 5-10, 20
Colour: Clear
Temp: N/A

Data / Safety

One Oil, Applications Throughout The Factory

Ensure Performance At 20,000 RPM

Omega 790’s advanced formulation allows protection at elevated speeds of 20,000 RPM, perfect for spindles and the strains of the textile industry.

Extends Lubrication Intervals By 20x

Like all Omega products, Omega 790 operates at a different level on key performance measurements. Expect to reduce lubrication intervals by around 20x

Use An Oil That Does Not Stain

Omega 790 is a light bodied, colourless oil that combines high lubricity and high stability for textile spindle lubrication. Will not stain. Emulsifies with water to allow yarn to accept dyeing even over spilt lubricant.

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